Thursday, September 1, 2011

DOP On Another Green Screen Chromakey Shoot

Une Herzer, our DOP has worked a lot over the years with London Film Studios, Broadley Studios.

They had a green screen shoot they asked to have him run for them for US client Staples Advantage. During the day we shot 2 series of PTC links for their various services.

Using a favoured wrap-around lighting rig 

For the size of the studio, 20,000 watts of light would be a tad much, however Une wanted a soft 'wrap-around' light with double baffled sources for both Key and Fill, that meant 2 x 5ks off the top.
The final results were VERY nice... wrapped early which the clients liked too!

A great place to film where in the past we have booked ALL of our 'BBC Training' shoots there as well as several commercials too... well recommended location.

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